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B2C introductions and targeted marketing with Braeburn Whisky


Braeburn Whisky contacted MBP to see how our curated business networking platform could help support their continued growth. After enjoying fantastic progression as a business, Braeburn Whisky wanted to utilise the programme to connect with like-minded individuals as well as an opportunity to directly market their services and bespoke offerings with a fully engaged and relevant demographic.


Together, MBP and Braeburn Whisky devised a strategic, drawn-out content programme which saw relevant insight and information shared with the MBP business community on a regular basis. Working together to track the impact of this communications plan, the content was used as a conversation starter for Braeburn to engage with members of the MBP commercial network.


The effectiveness of this strategic plan has been clear for all to see with Braeburn Whisky now having engaged several members of the MBP business community across different areas of their business. Having built fantastic relationships with key individuals, Braeburn Whisky see the Official Partner Programme as a fundamental part of their marketing and business development strategy both in the here and now and into the future.

We have been part of the MBP Official Partner Programme for over 3 years now and it's been one of the best decisions we have ever made. The access we have been granted to some of the most pioneering, well-established companies in the UK and beyond has been exceptional. Talking to company heads and decision-makers directly has really helped introductions gain instant traction. We have also massively benefitted from working with some of the personal contacts of the MBP and we are proud to say we can now call some of them clients of Braeburn Whisky. To top it all off, the events and experiences that the MBP provide and host are simply second to none. We have enjoyed many amazing days and evenings and we cannot wait for many, many more.

Niall Brown - Chief Executive Officer

Braeburn Whisky


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