We are Partnership

At the core of MBP sits our Official Partner Programme, an exclusive B2B and B2C networking group supporting a powerful community of like-minded businesses.

Together, we support our official partners to drive forward new conversations, engage in meaningful connections and explore commercial opportunities.

Find out how we do it below.

How we can help

Business Introductions

The premise of our partner programme is simple...good business between good people. We are proud to bring together relevant and credible introductions across our partnership community to facilitate new conversations, unique opportunities and strong relationships.

Executive Networking

We are proud to have forged a community of industry-leaders and decision-makers. Much of our partnership work centres around creating unique experiences and engagements for our partnership community to attend, network and get to know each other. It is this foundation on which new commercial relationships and personal ones are built.

B2B Strategy

A profound partnership requires energy and engagement from both sides, but it is built off the back of a truly strategic approach. We take the time to understand what good looks like for each of our partners in order to develop a strategy that looks to deliver against these key, tailored objectives.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing to an engaged and like-minded community provides a host of opportunity. All our partners enjoy the opportunity of direct, targeted marketing communications to our partnership community of industry-leaders and decision-makers.

World Class Events

At MBP, we pride ourselves on delivering world class events for our partners. Unique experiences provide excellent conversation starters and it is from those conversations that true relationships are forged.

Partnership Management

This is not a scattergun approach - our partnership programme represents the very core of our business. As such, our team are on hand to strategically manage each element of your partnership with MBP, prioritising value and engagement every step of the way.

Business Services

The depth and breadth of our partner programme grows with every passing year. Surrounding our network with best-in-class providers, our range of business service partners are perfectly placed to support the continued growth of your business. Whether that be through finding greater efficiencies or value from your own suppliers and service solutions or simply through industry-leading insight.

Exclusive Perks

As an official partner of MBP, you and your employees gain access to our library of exclusive perks. As a valued member of our partnership community, we are pleased to share a whole host of preferential rates, discounts and benefits that are only possible through your MBP partnership.

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