Partner Programme

Targeted prospecting and introductions with Investec


Through our long-term and trusting partnership with Investec, both parties have sought to support each other with meaningful introductions from both a B2C and B2B perspective. Forging a strong relationship with the Investec Private Bank team, our aim has long been to connect the Bank with like-minded individuals and businesses to support continued collaboration and growth.


Together, Investec and MB Partners agree on an annual activation programme that enables multiple touchpoints with existing and prospective clients as well as organisations and businesses that complement their services.

Curating an agreed list of conversations and collaborations to explore from the outset, both teams enjoy regular updates and check-ins to ensure that momentum continues to build. This has involved finance insights and education sessions with members of the MB Partners talent portfolio and co-hosted events providing Investec clientele with out of the ordinary experiences through unique and unparalleled sporting access.


As a result of our joint targeted approach, Investec Private Bank has not only been able to strengthen relationships with key existing clients but also developed excellent referral relationships across the MBP business community. 

Further still, the knowledge and insight afforded by the Investec team remains a critical support to members of MBP’s talent and management portfolio.

"Since 2016, Investec and MB Partners have developed a special partnership that's rooted in shared core values, a spirited sense of collaboration, and a tenacity to provide exceptional activations that connect like-minded individuals. Like Investec, MB Partners never settle for ordinary, and they have consistently provided best in class, money-can't-buy experiences and access for our clients. It has been a privilege to work with the MB Partners team over the years, and we're excited for what the future holds."

Will Chipperfield - Private Banker



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