We are Talent

A world leader in talent management, MBP prides itself on driving forward the career's of the worlds most talented drivers on track.

Backed by Mark Blundell's three decades worth of industry experience, MBP enjoy a proven track record in delivering tangible results for their exclusive stable of professional and talented drivers.

Find out how we do it below.

How we can help

Career Planning

The margins at the pinnacle of elite motorsport are so fine, that a strategic and planned approach is imperative. We work collaboratively with all of our drivers to adopt a detailed and evaluative approach to their career, in order to maximise their potential on and off the track.

Strategic Roadmap

Utilising our experience at the highest level, we work to agreed roadmaps with each of our drivers to prioritise their career advancement. Adopting a truly collaborative approach, we routinely evaluate progress and opportunities across the motorsport landscape to ensure your career is being guided in the best possible way with your short, medium and long-term goals at the centre of all our work.


Benefitting from our own decades of experience within the industry, MBP are perfectly placed to mentor you through the pitfalls and challenges that the motorsport landscape so often presents. Our stable is our biggest strength, enabling you access to unrivalled experience, insight and support from every corner of motorsport.

Industry Relationships

We are proud of the reputation we have spent over thirty years building. Our network and our reputation means everything to us and it is these relationships that we work to utilise and build on an ongoing basis to support you and your career development.

Contract Negotiation

Having worked across every level of the industry over the years, we are well placed to advise on your behalf when it comes to brokering, negotiating and executing opportunities collaboratively with you. We view management as a true partnership and it is that principle that guides us when we are at the negotiating table.


For MBP, management is about guidance, mentoring and strategy. We see the art of representation in allowing you to be the star, whilst we provide the support, insight and execution required to keep you at the front of the field.


Backed by a full-time agency support team, MBP are perfectly placed to take care of all affairs that our drivers request, allowing them to focus on what matters most - their performance on track.

Let's start winning together.