Partner Programme

Business development strategy and UK market growth with @ID


Having established themselves within the American and Australian Market, the aim of @ID in joining the Partner Programme was to use our network to support their growth in the UK market. Through a diligent planning approach, we identified an alignment in our working principles as well potential opportunities with a host of professional advisers throughout our network that could support their aims.


MB Partners set up a B2B strategy, with regular meetings and check-in’s, to ensure that targeted business introductions took place across the year with relevant partners. The process started with three or four partners who MB Partners had identified as key initial contacts moving forward. After identifying those Partners, MB Partners set out to introduce @ID to key individuals of these selected partners at specific events and shared business activities.


After conducting their initial meeting with our nominated partnership lead, @ID were then introduced to the appropriate contact within the organisation - often covering insider/external threat cyber risk management and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

Not only did we expose @ID to our network of commercial partners, our work has transcended our B2B community into our sporting connections as well.

@ID has now developed a number of healthy relationships with legal and financial services partners across our business community. Enjoying relationships built on shared values of reciprocity and longevity, @ID are engaged in meaningful collaborations across a host of sectors.


Services used:

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