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Client development and introductions with Saffery


The partnership between Saffery and MBP is one of our longest, with Saffery joining the Official Partner Programme as a founding partner from its inception. Across that period, the partnership has proliferated in many ways; from sporting client support to HNW and private client introductions to forging partnerships with like-minded advisors and institutions. To date, both parties are united in supporting each other with relevant and intriguing business introductions across a variety of sectors.


Saffery has been a leading source of insight and support to the MBP driver portfolio from a tax, audit and accountancy perspective. As a trusted advisor to MBP, we have built a relationship that ensures our driver clients are proactively supported by a best-in-class provider with conversations around plans and driver’s careers occurring well in advance so they are perfectly prepared for any change in their individual circumstances.

Further, regular reviews and catch-ups between the partnership management team ensure that potentially valuable and reciprocal business introductions across the MBP business community are identified and enacted promptly.


Through their membership of the Official Partner Programme, Saffery have developed several new client relationships both from a private client perspective as well as in a corporate sense too. Together, the partnership continues to build organically with Saffery providing MBP with fantastic support and insight for their business community and MBP providing MBP with valuable, relevant and high-level personal introductions.

“I can clearly remember when Mark mentioned the idea of an MBP network to me and I was immediately interested. Having experienced various networking groups in the past, the first thing that struck me about Mark’s idea was the thought of mixing with like-minded people, having the opportunity to work with them and having some fun along the way. From a Saffery point of view, it has been a huge success resulting in some wonderful introductions.  It has exceeded all our expectations, hence why we have been members from the start.”

Julian Hedley - Partner



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