Corporate documentation and literature for RoamingExpert


RoamingExpert wanted to refresh their company brochure and literature and sought out the MBP digital department to help with this, given MBP’s understanding of the RoamingExpert business as an active client themselves. The intention was clear - to simplify the plentiful reasons why corporate businesses should engage with RoamingExpert into a clear and concise document that would act as a conversation starter for the RoamingExpert management team to follow up on.


Together, MBP and RoamingExpert agreed on an approach that was consistent with the company’s brand whilst evolving a number of elements to showcase key benefits simplistically and convincingly. The usage of consistent iconography was used to direct readers through the material and an increased focus was placed on the usage of targeted case studies from existing RoamingExpert clients for credibility, authenticity and relevance to the proposed corporate audience of the documentation.


The new material provided RoamingExpert and MBP with a targeted document that could be tailored easily based on the intended recipient. Together, both parties have utilised the refreshed literature to strike up further business development conversations. 

“The team at MBP have been an invaluable help with our brochure refresh. Our new literature, as well as looking great, showcases exactly what we offer as a business and how we differ from our competition.”

Mark Pattman
Managing Director, RoamingExpert


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