Partner Programme

Corporate introductions and business services with RoamingExpert


Proven industry leaders in providing flexible corporate mobile packages and solutions, RoamingExpert identified the MBP Official Partner Programme as a valuable addition to their business development and marketing strategy. The premise was simple, to connect RoamingExpert’s management and executive team with their counterparts across the programme who would be able to benefit from the efficiencies, savings and service from RoamingExpert’s unique approach.


Together, MBP and RoamingExpert established a working group from both parties to meet regularly to discuss shared contacts and opportunities across the Partner Programme. Benefitting from personal introductions and face-to-face events, RoamingExpert were able to build several excellent relationships across the programme. Beyond this, both parties have worked to establish mutually beneficial opportunities that can support their respective business; whether that be across content and communications or events and networking.


Now a key and integral part of MBP’s business service offering to their portfolio of partners, RoamingExpert have onboarded several new clients following MBP’s introductions. Not only has this been of commercial benefit to RoamingExpert but it has helped solidify and strengthen MBP’s own relationships with their own partners by tabling an efficient and seamless cost saving for them.


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