Strategic ambassador programme with Prosperity Investment Management


As an international, devoted wealth management company specialising in motorsport and its related industries, Prosperity Investment Management have worked with MBP over a number of years to build out their brand marketing strategy and growth plan. Reinforcing their experience across these related industries and their ability to build long-lasting relationships has been critical to this work.


Together, Prosperity Investment Management and MBP have built out an effective marketing and communications strategy across several pillars including; content creation, social media management, brand ambassadors and sponsorship opportunities. This work has seen a complete website redevelopment and an increase in strategic social media and digital marketing communications across all outlets. From a brand ambassador perspective, authentic and relevant drivers have been identified to work with and key business clients and associates have been hosted at some of the world’s premier motorsport events.


The effect of this programme has been multifaceted for Prosperity and has been linked to the overall business strategy and changes. For example, with the firm’s business interests in South America increasing, the MBP team was fast to produce and coordinate a Spanish text version of the company website to support this. Together, the parties have built a strong working relationship based on shared values and continue to build great brand authority globally.

“Our partnership with MBP is a real key part of our brand and marketing strategy and we enjoy a very strong working relationship with the team. From a brand perspective, they’ve really helped accelerate our work and we look forward to building on this moving forward.”

Warren Macal - Managing Director

Prosperity Investment Management


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