Upweighted social media graphics and content for Jordan Love


In line with Jordan’s breakthrough and title-winning season in Europe, the intention was there to upscale the level of content across his social media outlets. Focusing on branded graphics and behind-the-scenes videography, Jordan sought to bring a new dimension to his existing social media content.


MBP designed a clear and consistent set of branded graphics in line with Jordan’s racing participation to keep his followers updated and routinely engaged through the progress of his race weekends. Further, utilising MBP’s videographer on-site at his season finale at Zandvoort allowed Jordan to post a new level of behind-the-scenes content which helped to showcase and celebrate his title-winning achievement.


Working together in this way has supported Jordan in crafting a very professional, yet engaging social media presence. Finding the right balance between showcasing your personality while supporting your team and manufacturer collaboration is critical to any driver’s social media output and Jordan has achieved exactly that this year as his profile and presence across the sport continues to grow.

“Working with MBP has brought a fresh and exciting new angle to my social media presence and engagement. Their expertise in crafting branded graphics and producing captivating behind-the-scenes videos has taken my content to a whole new level! Through their engaging graphics, my followers stayed updated and engaged throughout my racing season. The addition of behind-the-scenes content from Zandvoort was a game-changer, allowing me to share the excitement of my title-winning season in a way that truly resonated with my audience.

"I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and impact MBP has brought to my social media platforms. They've been instrumental in helping me achieve a more dynamic and engaging online presence, and I'm excited to continue this successful partnership in the future."

Jordan Love - Mercedes AMG Junior



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